Blair Schlossberg – Expertise and Knowledge

24 Feb

Blair Schlossberg has used his expertise and knowledge of the real estate market near Atlanta, Georgia to successfully run the real estate investment firm Crown Holdings Group, which he founded with his business partner Moshe Manoah. Schlossberg has a wide background in business management and the real estate industry as a whole. He received a doctor of law degree in 1991 from Emory University and returned to Emory ten years later to earn his Master’s degree in Business Administration. Before the advanced degrees, Schlossberg earned his Bachelor’s degree in History and Government from the University of Texas.

Blair Schlossberg

Blair Schlossberg

After law school, Schlossberg applied his education to his work at Alston and Bird, an Atlanta law firm. While there he acquired a huge amount of extremely valuable experience and knowledge in the universe of real estate and corporate law. This is the experience he would later draw upon to create the successful real estate investment firm Crown Holdings Group at a time when the real estate market was in a state of crisis.

Blair Schlossberg created Crown Holdings Group with his business partner in 2009. Crown Holdings Group recently went over $2 billion in real estate transactions in the six years since its founding. The company specializes in flipping devalued residential, apartment rental, and retail real estate categories. Crown Holdings Group, under the leadership of Schlossberg, has been committed to adding value to properties, and providing access to even the most prosaic of the company’s account records to their investors. Schlossberg’s expertise is unparalleled in the real estate industry in Atlanta, and it shows every day at Crown Holdings Group.



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