Blair Schlossberg: Head of Duke Housing, Inc.

12 Feb

Blair Schlossberg has used his extensive background in business management and real estate acumen to set up one of the most successful real estate companies in Georgia, Crown Holdings Group. Schlossberg began his long career as a real estate lawyer after he received a doctor of law degree in 1991 from Emory University. He later returned to Emory to earn his Master’s degree in Business Administration in 2001. He graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in history and government. He cut his teeth in real estate law at the Atlanta law firm Alston and Bird. He used the immense amount of knowledge and experience in corporate and real estate law he gained there to found Crown Holdings Group with his business partner Moshe Manoah in 2009 in Atlanta.

Blair Schlossberg

Blair Schlossberg

Today, Schlossberg heads his company’s residential properties division, Duke Homes, Inc. Crown Holdings Group split into three affiliate organizations that handle each of the real estate asset types that the company primarily deals with. The other two real estate realms that Crown Holdings Group deals in for its investors are apartment rental properties and retail and community shopping centers. Schlossberg set the company up this way in order to better manage each of the different areas of real estate he deals in. Each affiliate makes its own investment decisions and manages its own internal dealings.

Blair Schlossberg uses his experience and knowledge of the real estate market to construct impressive investment portfolios for his clients and providing impressive returns on investments.




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