Blair Schlossberg – Co-Manager of Crown Holdings Group

06 Feb

Blair Schlossberg has 24 years of experience in the real estate field and understands what makes a good investment. He works for the company he helped found in 2009 in Atlanta: Crown Holdings Group. Since he and business partner Moshe Manoah started the company, it has completed over $2 billion in real estate transactions. Schlossberg has an uncommon understanding of the intricacies of real estate finance, which he uses to make money for his investors. His experience gives Crown Holdings Group a huge advantage over its competition and continues to provide high returns on investment.

Another reason Crown Holdings Group is so successful is that it holds three affiliates under its umbrella that manage the three main property asset types the company specializes in. Schlossberg runs Duke Homes, Inc., the affiliate that manages residential properties. Marquis Investments, LLC runs apartment rental properties, and Monarch Investments Group, LLC handles retail and community shopping center properties.

Blair Schlossberg

Under Blair Schlossberg and Moshe Manoah, Crown Holdings Group employs over 200 associates who invest, develop, and manage real estate holdings across the Southeastern US and improving retail, residential and apartment buildings. Schlossberg and company employ what they call the Three R strategy: Recapitalizing, rehabilitating, and repositioning real estate assets. This strategy, along with Schlossberg’s leadership creates strong returns on investments and safer places for tenants. Crown Holdings Group is committed to making money for its investors and also improving properties in the greater Atlanta area. With Schlossberg’s help, Crown Holdings Group has worked steadily to improve properties in the Atlanta area.

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