Blair Schlossberg: Monarch Investments Group, LLC

09 Dec

Blair Schlossberg is an extremely knowledgeable and dedicated real estate professional currently working in the realm of real estate transactions. He is currently serving as the co founder and co manager of the real estate investment company based in Atlanta, Georgia called, Crown Holdings Group. He co founded the company with business partner, Moshe Manoah in 2009, and it has already completed over 2 billion dollars in real estate transactions since its establishment. Blair has an understanding and finance knowledge that is unparalleled in the real estate industry giving he and his company a unique advantage over their competitors. Crown Holdings Group also consists of a number of affiliates in order to better manage the three different asset classes that the company specializes in. Duke Homes, Inc is the affiliate responsible for managing the residential properties, Marquis Investments, LLC is responsible for the apartment rental properties, and Monarch Investments Group, LLC is responsible for the retail and community shopping center properties. The success of his company is based on Blair’s dedication and desire to improve every aspect of his life as best he can.

Blair Schlossberg

Blair Schlossberg

Blair Schlossberg founded Crown Holdings Group in 2009 in order to better utilize his knowledge of the real estate industry. Crown Holdings Group specializes in the purchases of devalued properties pertaining to residential homes, apartment rentals, and retail and community shopping centers. In order to better manage properties pertaining to the three asset class, Blair Schlossberg founded a number of affiliates that deal with each real estate class specifically. The affiliate responsible for the residential home properties is called, Monarch Investments Group, LLC.



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