Blair Schlossberg: The Affiliates for Crown Holdings Group

28 Nov

Blair Schlossberg is a highly dedicated and highly successful business professional currently working in the realm of real estate investments and transactions. He is the co founder and co manager of the company called, Crown Holdings Group based in Atlanta, Georgia. Crown Holdings Group was founded in 2009 and specializes in purchasing devalued properties in three asset classes including residential homes, apartment rentals, and retail and community shopping centers. They have completed over 2 billion dollars worth of real estate transactions and continue to grow that number with their impeccable record. Despite the company’s establishment during a time when the real estate economy was in a state of decline, Blair’s knowledge in the world of business finance allowed him to set up an expert business plan that the entire group could stand behind. This business plan continues to be the foundation on which Crown Holdings Group lays its success. Blair graduated from Emory University in 1991 with a doctor of law degree and then again in 2001 when he received his Master’s degree in business administration. Before founding his real estate investment company, he worked various positions in all aspects of the real estate industry.

Blair Schlossberg

Blair Schlossberg

Blair Schlossberg and his company, Crown Holdings group specialize in purchasing devalued properties in three asset classes including residential, apartment rental, and retail shopping centers. In order to better manage all three of these real estate asset classes, Blair Schlossberg and his partners founded three different affiliates for each class. Duke Homes, Inc is the affiliate for the residential home properties, Marquis Investments, LLC is the affiliate responsible for the apartment rental properties, and lastly, Monarch Investments Group, LLC is responsible for all retail properties. Blair also founded StreetSide Developers, which is conversation company that is responsible for numerous condominium projects.



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