Blair Schlossberg: Lawyer and Businessman

24 Sep

Blair Schlossberg is a lawyer and businessman who is the co-founder of the Crown Holdings Group, an Atlanta, Georgia-based real estate investment company.

Blair Schlossberg (11)g started Crown Holdings Group in 2009 with his longtime business associate Moshe Manoah. Named the fastest-growing real estate investment firm in Atlanta, Crown Holdings Group provides exceptional investment returns to its investors by capitalizing on the dislocated real estate valuation, focusing on the Southeastern United States.

Blair Schlossberg has guided Crown Holdings to its rapid success in spite of the stagnant economy of recent years. Through its affiliate, Duke Homes, the Crown Holdings Group began by purchasing residential lots and incomplete townhomes and applying to them the company’s “3R” strategy of Recapitalizing, Rehabilitating, and Repositioning. “By applying our ‘3R’ strategy, we not only make strong returns for investors, we provide nicer and safer places for our tenants,” Blair Schlossberg says. This, in turn, allows the tenants to be more productive and to pursue their happiness.

Always a hard worker who has been committed to success and to improving himself, Blair Schlossberg attended the University of Texas and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Government and History in 1988. His exceptional skills were recognized when he received the Presidential Leadership Award and Scholarship. He was also voted President of the Texas student body. Blair Schlossberg completed a comparative legal studies program at Oxford University in the United Kingdom and went on to law school at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, where he received his Doctor of Law degree in 1991. He returned to Emory for his Master of Business Administration, which he received in 2001.

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